14 Days to Peace

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14 Days to Peace - Learn to Meditate from Home!

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What you'll receive:

  • An overview of each day's meditation lesson via video and narrative. 
  • An audio file of the day's meditation that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. 
  • The first meditation is 5 minutes and then we build each day and end day 14 at 20 amazing minutes.
  • Other bonuses and goodies!

Approaching the class one module at a time is a wonderful 14 day path. However if you would like to make the journey longer take it at your own pace but try to practice each day until you are ready for the next lesson!

Any questions?

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What People Are Saying:

“ I like the way Alexa teaches meditation in small chunks every day, not an overwhelming pile of information all at one time. After 8 days of doing your 14 day meditation training, I am profoundly awed and impressed by your thoughtful work in designing this program. MS ”

14 Days to Peace