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March Un-Madness- Week Two - It's 2 am, and Yet Again, I am Wide Awake! Mindful Sleep

Mar 16, 2020

In today's episode, we will explore Mindful Sleep. As we age, our sleep patterns change, and those changes can be downright unpleasant. Even if you're a young buck who sleeps poorly, this episode is for you too! There are a few ways to look at these exhausting annoyances and some mindful methods to improve them. We know meditation can improve sleep, but what happens as we age and how can our meditation practice can help us at 2 am when we were staring at the ceiling trying to solve world...

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Yoga Nidra 101 - Is it Meditation and Why Should I Do It?

Nov 04, 2019

Did you ever see "Yoga Nidra" on your list of yoga or gym classes and think what is that? Or maybe you showed up for class ready for a power workout, and they told you to lie on the floor, and you were like, uh, that doesn't burn calories. Well, let's say that Nidra CAN help your weight loss journey, reduce a ton of stress, leave you energized, promote a healing environment for your body, and helps builds space for new ideas and so much more.

 And the best part is that you do nothing...

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Episode 6 - Good Sleep Now - Meditation and Zs

Oct 21, 2019


00:06 Oh, the joy of a beautiful night's sleep. Sleep is so important, from lowering our stress, to even our cholesterol. Some may say I am a bit obsessed with sleep. I am not obsessed with sleeping, but I am very concerned with the quality of sleep. When our sleep declines, so does our health. Unfortunately, we seem to reach for an answer quickly, and often that answer is in the form of a pill or herbal pill. Whatever its, I am not touting these things, but I really feel we need to...

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