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March Un-Madness- Week Two - It's 2 am, and Yet Again, I am Wide Awake! Mindful Sleep

Mar 16, 2020

In today's episode, we will explore Mindful Sleep. As we age, our sleep patterns change, and those changes can be downright unpleasant. Even if you're a young buck who sleeps poorly, this episode is for you too! There are a few ways to look at these exhausting annoyances and some mindful methods to improve them. We know meditation can improve sleep, but what happens as we age and how can our meditation practice can help us at 2 am when we were staring at the ceiling trying to solve world...

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Trailer Alexa Z Show - Meditation Motivation

Sep 14, 2019

Imagine if you had clarity, not confusion.

Imagine if the clutter in your mind was swept aside to reveal your true brilliance.

Imagine you could make effortless decisions throughout your day.

Imagine finding less on your to-do list and more time to do the things you love with the people you love

Imaging a good night’s sleep, waking up feeling grounded, peaceful with tons of energy to take on the day.

Imagine listing to this short podcast and not thinking “you are full of...

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Stay in the Present moment, Even if it's a Crappy One

Jul 11, 2019

Be mindful I teach, stay in the moment. There are at least a gazillion books that agree with me. Do you?

It's time to talk, stay in the present moment.
It's time to be with my child, stay in the present moment.
It's time to cook, stay in the present moment.
It's time to focus on my job, stay in the present moment.

Well, as I write this, this moment feels pretty crappy. I actually would like to skip this moment and move on to the next. Even yesterday's moments were better. I am tired, and my...

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