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Stay in the Present moment, Even if it's a Crappy One

mindfulness Jul 11, 2019

Be mindful I teach, stay in the moment. There are at least a gazillion books that agree with me. Do you?

It's time to talk, stay in the present moment.
It's time to be with my child, stay in the present moment.
It's time to cook, stay in the present moment.
It's time to focus on my job, stay in the present moment.

Well, as I write this, this moment feels pretty crappy. I actually would like to skip this moment and move on to the next. Even yesterday's moments were better. I am tired, and my hormones could cause me to eat the neighbor's kids, I want to run away and hide, perhaps have a good cry or maybe pour a glass of wine.

But I must stay present for few good reasons...

At this moment, I am creating my future moments. At this moment, I can gather all my wisdom from the past moments and let them mingle with the current moment and see what comes up. If I skip this moment, then I might miss the juicy stuff. I might ignore that I am scared of some decisions I need to make, the fact I might fail yet again, and possibly a lot of hard work might not pay off.

The key is that I don't have to make any significant decisions in this exact moment, probably safer for everyone that I don't...but my emotions at this moment are quite real and deserve to have the attention and space that they need. Today I am choosing to watch them pass and become the next moment. When I mindfully move from moment to moment I find that I end up going in the right direction and I didn't waste a day being unfocused and unproductive. I even start to see the crap exiting the theatre.

It is all in the approach. I suggest you try this simple exercise the next time you feel like skipping to the finish or disconnecting from the present moment. Slow down, take a few breaths, scan your body and feel all sensations internally and externally (this is where all emotions hide,) it doesn't take long, but it will bring you back to what is most important - YOU!

Thanks for helping pull me out of my funky moment — I kind of feel like doing a little happy dance.

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