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Episode 3 -Meditation Apps - Are You App-Solutely Confused?

#meditationapps Sep 30, 2019

 Are you looking for the perfect meditation app? Do you know why you need or don’t need the app? Well there are tons to choose from (over 2000), and they are all competing for market share, and that alone seems more stressful than calming. Plus, if your phone looks like mine sometimes just finding the app you downloaded can make you dizzy. One time I thought I opened a meditation app and ended up opening a Headline News app which of course I had to read and well now my mind is even busier, and I hadn’t even started meditating et!

On today’s podcast, if you choose the app path, I’ll to help by giving you straightforward guidance on HOW TO USE THE APP for the best results. Your stress will go down just using my tips.

If you are currently using an app great let’s see if we can get it to work even better for you and if you are thinking of downloading one my tips should help your decision process be a bit easier.


Hey There Alexa Z here – before we start, if you tuned in last week to our discussion on being present…did you do your homework? Did you find some moments to practice truly being present, on purpose and without judgment? YES GREAT – NO – No bigge you can try today.

As a matter of fact, let’s try to be present right NOW. Super short, just follow me. No matter where you are, driving, cooking, walking, whatever take a few long slow deep breaths. Observe the circular pattern of the breath, the little pause at the top of the breath, little pause at the bottom. As you observe your breath, begin to relax your body a bit, even if it is in motion. Let the shoulders drop away from your ears, relax your jaw, let your tongue rest in your mouth, feel in your whole face be washed of expression. Do you feel a bit more present? I hope so, if not, try that same tiny exercise a few times today and see what happens.

Ok now let’s see if you can stay present for a talk about APPS

Sorry - Apps won’t make your meditation so easy and so fast that it makes your microwave look slow but they may help.

WSJ – after putting this episode together, I jumped online to see what the latest app news was and found an article….

It is my job to try the apps - many of my students say, “hey should I use and app?” And it’s the way we use it I find most important.

Honestly, in my daily seated practice, I don’t use a lot of apps because personally, I like to be disconnected from technology- I like to meditate anywhere and not worry about where my earbuds are or if my phone has enough juice to get through the meditation. I like the quiet, I think it is something that we don’t get enough of, and I know it is something I need. But yes I do adore guided meditation, I record them for my students, and I admit I like listening to my meditations and it’s not because I am a narcissist (although I do like my meditation voice), but my guidance in the meditations is like a comfy old sweater. (I swear this connects to apps) My guidance is based on how I learned.

Does that make sense? My guided meditation leads me down a path that I am familiar with, they are based on teachings, so it makes sense to me in my listening process. Therefore the verbal guidance is almost like the comfort of an old friend, reminding me how to observe my breath or how to make that mantra seem like a feather floating through the sky. THINK EASY and COMFORTABLE



So when you approach an app you need to open it and head down the right path.

No, I won’t tell you which one. They are many fantastic ones, and it isn’t vital.

1. Tough one – go directly to your meditation app and ignore the distractions. Not easy!
2. Know what you are sitting down to do – learn or be guided
3. Basic or advanced - start simply don’t rush to nirvana
4. Learn – stick to the plan you choose (10 basic lessons do just those) don’t go for the flavor of the day
5. If you are going for guidance. How much time? Again, stick to it for a while
6. Choose what to be guided on and maybe do it every day for a while
7. Don’t approach your app look like a to-do list
8. How does it feel? Like a cherished mentor or comfy sweater, yes, keep going, no STOP and cancel your subscription.

From my experience, I have found that people are more successful when they learn to meditate first then find ways to

THIS IS WHY I think before you let an app guide your experience you should take some time to LEARN to meditate. REMEMBER THE article that said about ½ the people used the app as a sleep app. WELL, meditation increases Alpha brain waves that you need for quality sleep.

So if you learn to practice meditation, you will help your brain which in turn will help your sleep.

Everyone is different, and each person has some THING that makes them say YES this is for me! Maybe it’s because you really dig the feeling of calm it creates or you need something to lull you to sleep or perhaps you heard that we can change the neuroplasticity of our brains and feel that this is the perfect tool to help you stay sharp in your golden years. Hurray to all of those reasons but slow down….you can’t to rush your way to calm.

Why do you need an app?
• Learn? – I like classes but do what works for you.
• Be Guided?
• Accountability?
• A timer?

• the ease?
• The voice
• The organization of instruction
• The pretty pictures?

Just keep it simple. Don't get your hair all in a tizzy. 



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