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Making Courageous Decisions and Feeling Strong About it

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

You go to bed and immediately wonder “How you will actually do it, much less, is it the right thing?” You wake up and are ready to forge forward but have no idea where to start. It could be a change in jobs, schools, locations, or even a relationship. Any change can be scary, but with the help of a clear head and open heart, meditation can help you unlock the courage to do just about anything.


Hey there, Alexa Z here, and change is a coming for everyone right now. Even if we are not welcoming change, it appears COVID alone forces us to zones of discomfort never imagined.

Every day are we showing up the best we can be?

If our body and mind are healthy, then our actions will be the same.

Recently, I taught a class that was entitled something like The Quality of your Doing is Only as Good as the Quality of your Being.  You may have heard that in different forms amongst your mindfulness practices. Let me explain a bit. In simple terms, if you are not healthy, clear, in touch with your inner self, then the quality of your actions suffers. Suppose Doctor or Nurse is suffering, how can they care for those that suffer. However, life is not easy, and we are not perfect every moment of the day. The waves of life are challenging: fear, jealousy, pain, grief, even happiness are difficult because they are not permanent. We are not waves; we are the ocean that creates the tides. However, the waves are part of the sea and cannot be separated. 

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." ~William A. Foster

Coming from a United States Marine who received the Medal of Honor, one might think to compare to our quality of being is impossible, but it is not.

I write this podcast with a bit of sadness because the quality of our collective being is not whole. I feel conflict and fear, which brings about uncertainty and often spins into a lack of reasoning, is very present. 

In times of uncertainty, all you can be sure of is yourself. If you do not care for yourself, how can you care for your life and make the right decisions?

Making decisions takes courage, and sometimes we get caught up in how our choices will affect others. Recently this has been apparent every day as I have had to make decisions about how my Spa will run and hopefully survive after re-opening and about my shift from pulling back from the Spa and un-retiring myself from my old life as a CPA. So much change, am I doing it right?

 Lord, every decision I make feels like it either pisses someone off, or I fear they are laying judgment on me. Here is an excellent example from my Spa: the clients are mad that they can't come in when they travel, some employees are murmuring about their futures and wondering if I am doing what is best for them, friends are telling me just to shut the place down.  The underlying basis for most of this screams me, me, me. Seriously my friends, at the end of the day people most apt to worry about themselves and not you. And if in your heart you know you are doing what is best, then why do you always feel guilty or like you are wrong. I mean, maybe you are doing it wrong, but geez, if you take explicit action, whatever the consequences are, you can deal with it later! 

My un-courageous thoughts: Will people think I am giving up, that I don't care, that I am selfish? Are my decisions going to hurt someone's feelings? Do they think I am crazy? My husband always says to me, stop thinking and take care of yourself for once. He is quite profound, but don't tell him I said that. Take care of yourself, amen. After that, the rest seems to fall into place. Get rid of the litany of ridiculous thoughts, the repetitive and mundane chatter that goes through your mind at 3 am. It is useless.

Take the time to be quiet. Sit in stillness and allow your inner wisdom to guide you. You do not wish to judge others, so why judge yourself? So there you have it. Meditate, and I promise you the insight will be more insightful, and the peace of your body will give your peace of mind and the courage you need to make sincere, clear, and intelligent decisions, and you will execute them with ease. And William A Foster will be looking down at you with a smile.

Life is not easy. This is why I sit each day to meditate. I am realistic that my courage may not last a week or even a day, But I am confident that my time in stillness is the daily medicine I need to go forward and meet any challenge that lies ahead. 

Thanks Tators,  join me next time or an episode on boundaries. You know those things we all want but don't always have!



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