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Dry January (or Good Habit January) IT'S NOT TO LATE TO JOIN!

Join me for 31 Days of Meditation. Let me help you put down the wine, put away the cheese, get on to the gym, whatever you are intending to do, I can help! Every weekday at 8 am, and weekends at 9 am, I invite you to join me for a 10-15 minute brief instruction and meditation. Can't make it? No big deal - the recording will be available to you. If you missed the start date of January 5th you can still jump in! All the recordings are there, in order and will be available until April 1, 2021

Is Meditation right for you? Schedule a free consultation and let's find out!

What are you waiting for?

Life is complicated...learning meditation shouldn't be. 

We all have our resolutions, but do any of yours include an intention to live more peacefully, to calm your nervous system and become more focused, more engaged and less reactive? If you are ready to learn or are on the fence about the best way to do it, schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Alexa.  Drop me an email at [email protected] and let's set up a few minutes to explore the possibilities!

Maybe learning online is a good method for you or maybe you may want to learn from directly from a human or a combination of both. The most important thing is that this is all about YOU and no one else. Let's discuss where you are at in your life, right now, and how the right process can enhance and enrich your life forever. 


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Even Keel Living Yoga Nidra Membership Now LIVE!

Did you ever see "Yoga Nidra" on your list of yoga or gym classes and think what is that? Or maybe you showed up for class ready for a power workout, and they told you to lie on the floor, and you were thinking, "That doesn't burn calories." Well, let's just say that Nidra CAN actually help your weight loss journey, reduce a ton of stress, leave you energized, promote a healing environment for your body, and helps builds space for new ideas and so much more. Below is a link to my 3 Day Nidra class. Just like 14 Days to Peace, it is simple but powerful. It will allow you access to a 20,30 and 40-minute practice that you can have access to at anytime!

Life it Crazy Right Now and Guess What? That is the BEST Time to Learn to Meditate

Starts on Demand! Why? Because we all need it NOW!

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Do you need meditation? Take this quiz to find out if meditation would be beneficial to you and your life.

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Create a Better Night's Sleep

There is a litany of things you can do to help your sleep, but here are five easy ones that you can implement immediately 

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5 Ways to Lower Stress in Under 1 Minute

These are ideal to use when you’re feeling trapped in a stressful situation — thirty seconds to a minute is all you need.


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