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14 Days to Peace - Learn to Meditate from Home!

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Life is complicated...learning meditation shouldn't be. 

We all have our 2019 resolutions, but do any of yours include an intention to live more peacefully, to calm your nervous system and become more focused, more engaged and less reactive? If so join me on this fun journey. Learn from home (even in your jammies) for only $47 and the program is yours to use again and again!

"I finished the 14 days months ago and continue to listen to it daily. The gift that keeps on giving."  ~RB

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Create a Better Night's Sleep

There is a litany of things you can do to help your sleep, but here are five easy ones that you can implement immediately 

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5 Ways to Lower Stress in Under 1 Minute

These are ideal to use when you’re feeling trapped in a stressful situation — thirty seconds to a minute is all you need.


Yoga Nidra

Did you ever see "Yoga Nidra" on your list of yoga or gym classes and think what is that? Or maybe you showed up for class ready for a power workout, and they told you to lie on the floor, and you were thinking, "That doesn't burn calories." Well, let's just say that Nidra CAN actually help your weight loss journey, reduce a ton of stress, leave you energized, promote a healing environment for your body, and helps builds space for new ideas and so much more. Below is access to a 30 minute Stress and Anxiety Nidra. Why buy it on Amazon when I want to gift it to you!

Does "Even Keel Living" sound like a good title for your new life?

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